Science Lab

Full-scale laboratories are provided for biology, physics, and chemistry subjects. Students are able to utilize well-equipped science laboratory to attain the practical knowledge and may be able to apply in day-to-day life. Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories to develop inquisitive characters so that they develop to be custodians of the environment. The aims of science labs are to develop interest in and stimulate curiosity and to develop scientific skills and temper so that students can understand themselves and the world around them.

Computer Lab

To keep pace with the modern world of Information Technology we have established a well-equipped computer lab and each child is provided attention to develop computer skills. There are qualified instructors to help students learn most effectively. Four well-equipped computer labs to acquaint the students with information technology. Computer education is provided to our students to get exposure and access to the world of information and create awareness about its uses and the latest technology innovations that are going on in the world.